Past Events

February 13, 2024 FEPCMD Breakfast Event "Planning for the 2025 Sunset of the Gift and Estate Tax Exemptions" - Registration is closed for this event
Julius Giarmarco, J.D., LL.M.
November 9, 2023 FEPCMD Annual Dinner Meeting "Best of the Best: The Very Best Tax Planning Ideas in 2023 and 2024: PLUS: IRAs at Death & Beyond including Trusts Presentation Highlights
Robert Keebler, CPA/PFS, MST, AEP (Distinguished), CGMA
October 26, 2023 FEPCMD Next Gen Only Happy Hour (Age 40 and Under)
Happy Hour
October 12, 2023 FEPCMD Breakfast Event - "Women & Wealth Today: What Advisors Need to Know"
Steph Wagner, Northern Trust, Director of Women & Wealth Advisory Practice
September 20, 2023 FEPCMD Dinner Event "Retirement and Estate Planning in Challenging Times"
Steve Parrish, JD, RICP, ChFC, CLU, RHU, AEP
September 13, 2023 FEPCMD Next Gen Survey For Next Gen Members Only
August 28, 2023 16th Annual FEPCMD Golf Outing
May 9, 2023 FEPCMD Next Gen Topgolf Event - Age 40 & under only
April 27, 2023 FEPCMD Dinner Event: "Navigating the Current Charitable Planning Landscape: Tips for Professional Advisors"
Ginger F. Mlakar, JD, CPA, AEP
March 2, 2023 FEPCMD Dinner Event & Optional Detroit Whiskey Factory Tour & Tasting "The Evolving 401(k) Plan Landscape - What Professionals Advising Business Owners Need to Know"
Rickie Taylor
February 15, 2023 FEPCMD - 2-8-23 event on site payments following the event
February 8, 2023 FEPCMD Breakfast Meeting "Business Succession Planning"
Julius H. Giarmarco, J.D., LL.M.
November 10, 2022 Dinner Meeting - Annual Business Meeting & Presentation, "Best Practices For Working With Clients Using Artificial Reproductive Technology"
Natalia Kujan Gentry, Esq.
October 12, 2022 FEPCMD Breakfast Event "Life Insurance as an Asset - Maximizing Value for Planning"
Jamie L. Mendelsohn, Executive Vice President
September 21, 2022 FEPCMD Dinner Meeting & Presentation, "Planning for the Sandwich Generation and Beyond"
Elizabeth Forspan, Esq.
May 23, 2022 FEPCMD 5-23-22 - Cocktails & Dinner Only Registration
May 23, 2022 FEPCMD 15th Annual Golf Outing
April 27, 2022 FEPCMD Dinner Meeting "Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements: Not just for the Rich and Famous"
Patricia L. Lincoln, Esq.
March 29, 2022 FEPCMD Complimentary Webinar "Boilerplate Traps: Helpful Tips For Drafting and Administration of Trusts"
Wnedy Z. Cox, J.D., CTFA
February 23, 2022 FEPCMD Complimentary Zoom Webinar "Taxes: What's New in 2022"
Ruth Flynn Raftery, JD, CPA, AEP
January 27, 2022 FEPCMD Meeting - This event has been postponed. New webinar information regarding a different tax topic will follow shortly
To Be Determined
November 10, 2021 FEPCMD Dinner Event & Annual Meeting "Touching the Third Rail: Diversity, Culture and Ethics in Estate Planning"
Margaret G. Lodise, Stacy E. Singer, Akane R. Suzuki
October 14, 2021 FEPCMD Complimentary Webinar "Economic Outlook and Forecast"
Robert A. Dye, Ph.D.
September 15, 2021 FEPCMD Complimentary Webinar "Understanding Blockchain and Digital Assets"
Ric Edelman
August 10, 2021 FEPCMD Complimentary Webinar "The Six Ds of Appraisals"
June 1, 2021 FEPCMD Complimentary Webinar "What Practitioners Should Be Telling Their Clients Now!"
Martin M. Shenkman, CPA, MBA, PFS, AEP, JD
May 24, 2021 FEPCMD Golf Outing
Get Ready To Golf!
April 28, 2021 FEPCMD Complimentary Webinar "Thoughtful and Experienced Trustees: Lessons Learned From Guiding Families Through Uncertainty"
Pamela Lucina, Northern Trust
March 30, 2021 FEPCMD Complimentary Webinar "Leveraging Tax-Deferred Annuities in Irrevocable Trusts"
Chris Bogren, JD, Jackson National
December 8, 2020 FEPCMD Complimentary Webinar "How To Choose A Fiduciary"
Jill L. Miller, JD
November 18, 2020 FEPCMD Complimentary Webinar "Now What" How Recent Developments Affect Contemporary Estate Planning"
Samuel A. Donaldson, JD, LLM, AEP
October 26, 2020 FEPCMD Complimentary Webinar "Special Needs Planning"
Sara Schimke, JD
September 15, 2020 FEPCMD Co-Sponsored Complimentary Webinar - Michigan Auto Insurance No-Fault Reform
Ben Rathbun, CAWC, MBA
July 29, 2020 FEPCMD Complimentary Webinar - Considerations in Embarking in In Vitro Fertilization, Surrogacy, Adoption, and Embryo Donation
Natalia K. Gentry, Esq.
July 1, 2020 Complimentary On-Demand Webinar (currently available May 18 through July 1)
Jonathan G. Blattmachr, Esq., AEP, Mitchell Gans, JD, Martin M. Shenkman, CPA/PFS, MBA, JD, AEP, and Paul Gentile
June 29, 2020 FEPCMD Complimentary Webinar "Use It Or Lose It...Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts"
Brian E. Raftery, Esq.
May 18, 2020 CANCELLED: FEPCMD Golf Outing
May 13, 2020 FEPCMD Complimentary Webinar - The Current State of Discount Valuations
Aaron Stumpf and Carsten Hoffman - Stout
May 6, 2020 CANCELLED: FEPCMD Breakfast Meeting - "Living a Life of Significance"
Joseph Jordan
April 21, 2020 CANCELLED:Retirement Planning in the Shadow of the SECURE Act Lunch & Learn Event
Ruth Flynn Raftery, JD, CPA, AEP and Jeffrey R. Hoenle, CFP, CRPC, AEP
February 11, 2020 Estate Planning & Trust Management for a Brave New World: It's All in the Family...What's a Family?
R. Hugh Magill
November 22, 2019 Special One Time Payment To Be Used by M.I. Only
November 20, 2019 FEPCMD Annual Dinner Meeting
Paul S. Viren, CLU, ChFC, AEP
October 8, 2019 Lunch and Learn: FBI Shares Current Fraud Scandals
SA John Horwath, FBI Detroit Division, Complex Financial Crimes Program
September 26, 2019 Fiduciary Liability - A Few Things to Consider
A. Stephen McDaniel, JD, AEP, EPLS
July 16, 2019 FEPCMD Member/Guest Meeting
David Dubensky, CEO, Ford Land
May 20, 2019 FEPCMD Charity Golf Outing
Golf Only - no formal presentation
April 30, 2019 Lunch and Learn Event: "The IRS Offer In Compromise Program"
Venar Ayar, J.D., LL.M.
February 12, 2019 Member Dinner Meeting
Jordon Rosen, CPA, MST, AEP
November 1, 2018 Annual Meeting & Retirement Planning Presentation
Tom Hegna, CLU, ChFC, CASL
October 23, 2018 Lunch and Learn: Digital Assets & Social Media
Matthew A. Ferrara, JD and Brittany Satterfield
September 27, 2018 Estate Planning….Flexibility in ILIT Planning
Brian Raftery, JD, CPA
May 21, 2018 Charity Golf Outing and Member Meeting
Cozy Wittman, College Inside Track
May 8, 2018 Lunch and Learn: Economist's Overview
Martin Lavelle, Business Economist - Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Detroit Branch
February 22, 2018 Lunch & Learn: The New Tax Reform Act - The Basics and Beyond
Gary Schwarcz, JD
February 13, 2018 Tax Planning for Trump Reform: Thinking Outside the Box
Douglas J. Van Der Aa, CPA, JD
November 9, 2017 FEPCMD ANNUAL MEETING/PRESENTATION: Due Diligence in the Selecting and Understanding of Life Insurance Policies
Michael W. Halloran, CFP, AEP, ChFC, CLU
Brian K. Haynes, JD
Mary F. Radford, JD
May 9, 2017 Co-Sponsored Lunch & Learn Event
John J. Scroggin, J.D., LL.M., AEP
November 1, 2016 CE Afternoon - “Triangulation: Integrating Life Insurance into the Estate and Investment Plans
Thomas J. Pauloski, JD
October 25, 2016 Co-Sponsored Lunch & Learn /
Multi-Disciplinary Panel Of Speakers
September 27, 2016 FEPCMD Spouse/Guest Night - “What Do These 3 Questions Have to Do with Retirement Planning?” / Who will change my light bulbs? ● How will I get an ice cream cone? ● Who will I have lunch with?
John Diehl, CFP, CLU, ChFC
May 16, 2016 10th Annual Charity Golf Outing and Member Meeting - “Cybersecurity -- Current Landscape and Actions You Can Take
Adam Moseley
April 25, 2016 Top Ten Tips From Elder Law Attorneys
Sara Rubino and Sara Schimke
February 2, 2016 Investing In Bonds In A Low Rate Environment
Nick Goetze
January 11, 2016 Special Needs Planning Tools
Attorney Sara A. Schimke
November 10, 2015 FEPCMD CE Afternoon & Annual Meeting
Samuel A. Donaldson, JD
September 9, 2015 FEPCMD "Spouse's Night" co-sponsored with PGRSM
Matthew P. Cullen
May 18, 2015 9th Annual Charity Golf/Tennis Outing & Member Meeeting
Dan Alpert
April 30, 2015 A Working Lunch on Entering the Real Estate Rental Market
Panel - CPA, Attorney, Insurance & Financial Planner
February 10, 2015 PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER (Some of the Best Planning Strategies We See in the New Frontier That Reduce Both Income Taxes and Estate Taxes)
S. Stacy Eastland, JD
November 18, 2014 FEPCMD CE Afternoon and Annual Meeting
Natalie Choate, JD
September 23, 2014 "What's New at the DIA"
Graham W. J. Beal, Director Detroit Institute of Arts
June 5, 2014 Planned Giving Roundtable of SE Michigan
May 19, 2014 FEPCMD Charity Golf and Tennis Outing and Membership Meeting
Thomas F. Kendziorski
February 11, 2014 FEPCMD Membership Meeting
Todd Tigges, CPA
November 12, 2013 FEPCMD Membership Meeting
John Augustine, Fifth Third Chief Market Strategist
September 10, 2013 FEPCMD & Planned Giving Round Table of Southeast Michigan Membership Meeting
Linda A. Wasserman, JD
May 20, 2013 7th Annual Charity Golf Outing
May 20, 2013 Common Mistakes in Estate Planning for Pet Owners
Robert E. Kass, JD
February 5, 2013 FEPCMD Spouse's Night
Alison Gass, Curator of Contemporary Art. Broad Art Museum
November 29, 2012 Membership Dinner Meeting
R. Hugh Magill, Executive Vice President and Chief Fiduciary Officer
September 18, 2012 CE Afternoon Program / Evening Dinner Meeting
Anita M. Sarafa & David A. Diamond
May 21, 2012 6th Annual Charity Golf Outing / Membership Meeting
Lynn Henning
February 7, 2012 Spouse's Night
Paula Marks Bolton
November 1, 2011 Afternoon CE and Evening Annual Meeting
Michael W Halloran, CLU, ChFC, CFP, AEP, LUTCF, RHU, REBC
September 27, 2011 Economic Outlook: Final Flight For
David L. Littmann
May 23, 2011 5th Annual Charity Golf Outing and Membership Meeting
Karen Sarmir, LLMSW
February 8, 2011 SPOUSES' NIGHT
Elaine Banks Stainton, Doyle New York, Executive Director of Paintings and Drawings
November 9, 2010 Membership Meeting Co Sponsored with Planned Giving Round Table of SE Michigan
Stacy Eastland
September 28, 2010 Michigan Trust Code: Six Month Perspective
Robert P. Tiplady II, JD
May 24, 2010 Charity Golf Outing/Meeting
Allan D. Gilmour
February 23, 2010 Spouse's Night
Larry Shade
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